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HD Video Watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

The Episode starts with Mahima arguing with Harsh. Akhilesh says they don’t value anyone, Abhi can say anything in anger, someone elder should explain him, Manish and Kairav are in jail. Anand says her family should explain her, why did she leave Abhi, both of them should have decided it. Shefali says she made a big sacrifice, it needs courage to do so, but who does so these days. Neil says love is an emotion. She says its complicated. Vansh says Abhi has to realize his mistake, he will come to say sorry. Akhilesh says yes, if he has senses, then he will come. Akshu says enough, I don’t hope for his apology, I didn’t do this to hear his sorry or thanks, I Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai don’t want to talk. Abhi also says the same. They both go to their rooms and cry. They see their pic. They both say we are right on our stand. Shefali asks who does this in love, Akshu made a big sacrifice, she didn’t say it herself, this doesn’t happen in normal love stories, Abhi and Akshu’s story is forever type, the day they come together, their love story will become classic love story. Parth goes. Neil calls Akshu.

He says you have done a big thing, I m super proud of you, you are my rockstar, I feel proud, Abhi is Ram and you are Sita for me, I m your Laxman, I wish to worship you. She thanks him. he says get ready and come back home, Abhi has to understand its your right, when his anger calms down, then he will understand your love and sacrifice, I m coming to pick you. She says its enough whatever you told now, don’t get upset, my relation with Abhi is first, when Abhi doesn’t want me to come there, then I won’t come, its about my love’s respect, I can’t compromise with it. He says okay, I understand, I respect you a lot. She thanks him. He asks her to take care. She cries. Dadi says we all are with you, you proved the meaning of true love. Suwarna says yes, your love value won’t get less. Akhilesh blesses Akshu. Dadi says we all are proud of you. Its morning, Abhi cuts the vegetables. Parth looks on. Abhi’s finger gets a cut. Shefali asks Parth is everything okay, he looks lost since yesterday. He says I m okay. She says we will always have a basic understanding, whatever happened with Abhi and Akshu, it shouldn’t happen with us. He asks why are you commenting on them. She says trust is imp in relations. He sees Mahima. He thinks to talk to Abhi when he gets the proof. Everyone worries for Manish and Kairav. Akshu asks Akhilesh not to take tension. She says I will also come and meet the lawyer, we shouldn’t accept the defeat until we lose. He says definitely. They leave. Abhi cries and sits talking to Manjiri. He says come back, I m not able to understand anything. Parth calls him and asks him to come home quickly. Abhi says I will come after mum’s reports come. Parth says I will tell you everything once you come. He sees the proof in his hand and says sorry mom, I can’t do injustice with Abhi to do justice with my sister. Akhilesh sees Anand drinking and leaving for the surgery. He gets angry and follows Anand. Vansh goes with him. Akshu looks on and says where did they go. Akhilesh says Manish and Kairav are in jail, we are suffering because of Birlas, I will get them on line, I won’t leave them today.

Bigg Boss 16

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 is all set to return to the small screen with a brand new season. Amidst the buzz around the new season of the controversial reality show, the pictures from the sets of Bigg Boss 16 are doing rounds on the internet. As seen in the pictures, the upcoming season of Bigg Boss is expected to have an aqua theme house. The set is still under construction and is expected to be complete by mid-September.

The show is expected to go on air from September end or October first week. Unlike the previous season, this time Bigg Boss 16 will happen before Bigg Boss OTT. Bigg Boss OTT will air in March or April of the next year after Bigg Boss 16 ends.

For the unversed, Bigg Boss 15 was won by Tejasswi Prakash and the first season of Bigg Boss OTT witnessed Divya Agarwal emerging as the winner of the show.

Naagin 6 All Episode High Qulaity

Pratha makes Suhasini and Anmol meet each other. Jeet thinks according to his calculations next attack will be on the minister. He sees the minister is in the event and thinks to save him by going to the event. The fashion show gets started. Anmol walks as a showstopper of the fashion show. She notices Rudra. Rudra looks down. Rishabh, Pratha, and others clap for them. Prathna takes a byte of shows topper. A model falls down. Everyone goes to her. Roni feels worried and says who will present his best outfit as the model is injured. Anmol suggests Prathna. Prathna denies but Anmol makes her agree. Next round Prathna enters the stage with Naagin6 ghoonghat. Jeet realizes it’s Prathna and thinks about why she came here. Prathna is about to remove her veil. Tara says my enemy is going to be attacked. Minister gets attacked. Everyone receives a message that someone planted a bomb in the event. Everyone runs in different directions.

Vansh says we will sit and talk. Harsh gets flowers for Manjiri. Abhi says mum has allergy with these flowers. Harsh says she loves these flowers, I have an allergy so she stopped getting these flowers home. Abhi says you don’t need to do this. Harsh says even you didn’t need to say that to Akshu, anyways I will meet Manjiri for sure. Akhilesh looks for Anand. Vansh gets Akshu’s call. He says we are at Birla hospital, Akhilesh is angry. Akhilesh catches Anand and scolds him. Akshu comes. She says I have to go inside to stop Akhilesh. Harsh asks what is happening, please control yourself. He sees Anand drunk. Akhilesh says I will ruin you all. Harsh says control yourself. Akshu says really sorry. Abhi leaves, saying don’t know what Parth wants to talk. Akhilesh says Anand is drunk and he was going to do a surgery. Akshu asks him to just come. Aarohi thinks its good they didn’t see me here. A man argues with Harsh and Anand. Harsh says you aren’t in a condition to do a surgery. A man throws something at Anand’s face. Harsh tries to calm the angry crowd. Aarohi asks the girl to send he the video. She thinks sorry, Akhilesh was involved, but I have to use this video for myself, entire family talks of Akshu always. Mahima says what video did Aarohi send. She asks Parth did you take the proof from my room. He says sorry, I can’t keep quiet, Abhi is angry, so he isn’t understanding Akshu. Mahima says Abhi has a problem with her sacrifice. Parth says I won’t sit quiet when I have the proof. Abhi comes home. He asks what happened, you sounded worried Read more

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