Boost Your Brand With Logo Mats

If you think your brand may use a boost, logo mats may be a good option. These entry mats come in many forms, sizes, and materials, from coir to rubber-backed, and may be imprinted with your logo and color scheme. Logo mats provide several benefits to your business – some of which may surprise you – whether you buy or rent them.

Why Use Logo Mats?

You may expect a plethora of benefits from logo mats, making the investment in branded mats worthwhile.

Branded business mats offer the same benefits as unbranded commercial entry mats, such as trapping dirt and water to protect your flooring. It promotes safety and reduces cleaning costs. But there are others.


Raising Brand Awareness

Logo entrance mats help brand your firm and provide a visual identity. And they provide a fantastic (and extremely professional) impression when visitors enter your door, whether they’re customers in your retail store, guests at your hotel or entertainment venue, or prospective clients or workers at your company’s HQ or branch offices.

Visitors are more likely to remember your brand if they see unique mats on the way in and out. Equally, they add to the first impression.

Increasing Brand Recall

Thanks to logo entry mats, anybody crossing your doorway is greeted warmly. So why not include a welcome message in the design?

A Look

Because you can adapt the color and style of your logo entry mats to your brand and your building’s décor, you can have a personalized, professional look.


Branded commercial mats instill confidence in clients, employees, and everyone that enters your building. Seeing that you have commercial entrance mats properly makes people more likely to trust you with everything else.

Have Logo Mats? Consider These Points

You want your entry mats to stand out. Here are some tips to help:

Background And Logo Colors Should Contrast

When buying logo mats, make sure your design sticks out. One method to achieve this is to avoid dark logos on dark backgrounds. Entrance mats are black to hide dirt. So, if your logo has comparable colors, you’ll require a designer or logo mat firm. They may brighten your branding on commercial mats so it stands out.

Less Is More Don’t Stuff Your Welcome Mat

A welcome message on your commercial mats is a good idea. But the more letters and information you add, the less it will stand out. Keep information short. If you add patterns to your logo, keep them basic so they don’t detract from it.

Equally, if you manage a spa and want to create a peaceful environment, a complicated design may not work.

Where, Where, Where?

Consider where to put entry mats. If on the pavement or right outside your door, coir logo mats can retain dirt when visitors wash their feet on the way in. Coir may be more expensive, but branded mats in this material are exceptionally hard-wearing. In other contexts, you may choose vivid, vibrant handmade mats.

Order Logo Mats Online Or Calls Us

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